Name Card – 3 Reasons Why You Need It?

In today’s digital age, having a name card might sound like a redundant concept. LinkedIn and Facebook have dominated the professional and social networking scene, allowing connections between millions around the world. Yet, name cards are now thriving more than ever. In fact, the growth of online networks has only further propelled the popularity of name cards,  due to the immense synergy name cards have with such networks.


First impression counts

Name cards have evolved from simply being a source of information. They are now an integral part of a person or a company’s branding. This is also why a name card with a powerful or interesting graphic design will allow someone to easily stand out. A uniquely shaped name card or one with an intricate design will almost guarantee an easy conversation starter. Furthermore, name cards allow customisation options far beyond what is available online. You are not just limited to the strict user interface (UI) dictated by the virtual platform. With the help of a graphic designer, one can simply experiment with almost infinite combinations of colours, shapes, textures and designs. Coupled with a personal speech, name cards are an essential component in leaving a strong and lasting first impression.  



Fastest speeds

The last thing you want to do when you are exchanging contacts is to fumble around and search for a pen or smartphone. In spite of advancements in technology, typing on a mobile keyboard and searching for the correct person remains a tedious process. As a result, exchanging name cards continues to be the most convenient and fastest method to pass information on the spot. As an added benefit, it does not cause both parties to lose eye contact with each other. Moreover, you can easily add a written note on the card itself if you want to include additional information.




Looking professional

In the online world, we are used to split-second clicks and friend requests from strangers that we barely remember. Over time, they leave us feeling increasingly disillusioned and hollow. Name cards facilitate face-to-face relationships, adding a much-desired personal touch. After all, businesses are not just about selling a product or service, but also to cultivate long-lasting relationships. Giving out a real, tangible name card shows that you are prepared and interested in fostering contacts with another individual. It also makes you look more professional and trustworthy. Owning a name card shows that you took effort and time to prepare the card.

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