How to find inspiration for creative ideas by learning from designers?

Creativity cannot be forced. Yet, when deadlines loom ahead, we desperately rush to find inspiration. This can create subpar work that leaves everyone unsatisfied. Designers face this issue often, but they have developed many ways around it. Learn some of the best ways in which professional designers get their creative juices flowing in an effective manner.

Online Portfolios




The Internet has been an explosive and revolutionary tool for creative individuals.  One key element is online portfolios. Make no mistake; these portfolios are not just for employers. Sites like Behance and Dribbble have caught on with designers, becoming easy-to-use sources of inspiration.

Artists share the work they have done for free, allowing anyone to view them. In return, viewers can give feedback and leave comments. With categories like graphic designweb designlogos, illustrations and photography, you will get all sorts of ideas. Designers gain revelations by simply browsing and comparing the artworks available from different users to identify what works.


Social Media Networks


social media

Social media networks are another superb online method that drives creativity. From multinational companies to casual young adults, the number of social medias have shot up. In fact, Pinterest and Instagram, the world’s most popular photo-sharing websites, have almost a billion active users combined.

Because social media networks have mainstream appeal, the networks give designers opportunities to engage with audiences to find out about their likes and interests. From competitors’ social media updates to hashtags, designers can also keep track of the latest trends. All these information on social media generate plenty of creative input.




Sometimes, you have to look back in order to look forward. In other words, don’t overlook past work, as they can be useful too. Designers search through both the client’s previous artworks as well as their own archives. After all, old designs can be revamped to a fresh and exciting product that suit current needs. Just make sure to keep past works – even early drafts – because you never know when you might use them!








Print has taken a huge hit in the past few years, due to the rise of online media. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, because only the best of the best survives. Whether it is a biannual magazine or a guidebook, they provide trustworthy and reliable articles. These articles showcase successful examples, all in their printed glory.  Put together, the beautiful illustrated pages create an atmosphere of creatively. To top it off, most publications include professional insights and tips as an added bonus.


Natural Surroundings




Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. And more often than not, the answers we seek come from elements that are closest to us. Take a break from the norm and observe the environment surround us. From nature to architecture, designers look to them for ideas. Sometimes, all it takes is for us is to appreciate the things that appear right in front of our eyes. It will get your mind moving. Don’t forget the people around us too. Even talking to family and friends can lead to unexpected results, giving us the push towards a brand new direction.

Ultimately, inspiration can strike at any time and from all places. It is true that you can never be sure when or where it will happen, and rushing creativity is often a bad idea. But you can take active steps, like what designers are doing, to bring yourself near as many creative mediums.

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