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Increase Leads & Traffic

Digital Marketing is possibly the most cost-effective online advertising techniques today.

If you have a website, you absolutely need social media marketing (Facebook Ads) and Google Ads (aka Adwords) as part of your internet marketing arsenal. That’s because Facebook and Google offer some of the most significant returns from your online presence, by driving high-potential customers to your website and increasing your brand visibility in the online world.

We have specially crafted bespoke cost-saving packages to include Facebook, and Google advertising. These will assist your marketing and communications department in their sales ROI, and increase traffic for both retail and SME companies.

  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook)
  • Search Engine Advertising (Google)

Social Media Advertising

Increase Retail Sales


Learn more about how our affordable Social Media advertising such as Facebook can drive high-potential customers to your website and increase your brand visibility.

  • Facebook Display Ads
  • Image / Carousel (Ad formats)
  • Professional Designs (No Templates)
  • Professional Audience Targeting
  • Sales leads as low as $2
  • Guaranteed Results
  • and many more...
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Search Engine Advertising

Increase Website Traffic


Learn more about how our affordable Search Engine advertising such as Google and Bing can help your website appear on the first few pages of the search engine results.

  • Google Responsive Search Ads
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Professional Audience Targeting
  • Traffic leads as low as $0.50
  • In-house Dedicated team (Local)
  • Guaranteed Results
  • and many more...
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Start generating quality leads and traffic to your website!

Most marketers today use a combination of social media (Facebook) and search engine (Google) advertisements to drive traffic to their websites and generate sales. They know that these tools and techniques work, and provide substantial returns on their investment. At Dexel, our experts will customise a comprehensive, integrated plan to boost your visibility and your returns on investment (ROI).

Search Engines

Consumers Today “Search”

Google Ads take advantage of one key aspect of consumer behaviour today – the immense use of search engines such as GoogleYahoo! or Bing. Search engines are often the first choice whenever consumers need information on store locations, pricing, product descriptions, reviews, recommendations, etc.

Most people today would just whip out their smartphones to search for everything from food to electronic products. And, since today’s search engines are extremely powerful, these consumers are likely to find exactly what they want right on the very first page of the search results.

This is where our online advertising brings value, helping your website to appear on the first page.

More Online Bang for Your Buck

What is Digital Marketing? Very simply, social media marketing, commonly referred to Facebook targeting, is a collection of techniques designed to “push” your ads and posts in such a way that you are able to target specific groups of people in the shortest possible time. Search engine marketing, or SEM, typically involves placement of pay-per-click advertisements at the top of the first page of relevant search results. The best part is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Most marketers today use a combination of Facebook and Google Ads to drive traffic to their websites and generate leads. They know that these tools and techniques work, and provide substantial returns on their investment.

Maximum Impact

Digital Marketing is extremely effective because the people clicking through to your website from search-result pages are high-quality visitors. They are there because they are specifically looking for your products and services, or related items. These visitors are ready for the information you are providing. Often, they are poised to buy exactly the products and services you are selling.

Maximum Exposure

Digital Marketing is particularly powerful in providing you with better ROI. Facebook and Instagram are possible the best social media platforms for effective and exposure marketing in the shortest possible time. Their experience shows them that the most relevant ones are also the most reputable ones. By leveraging on Digital Marketing to drive your sales higher and generate more leads, we take advantage of this consumer perception.

Maximum Results

By being at the first page of the search results through Google Ads, you’ll be top of mind at every stage of the customer’s buying cycle, whether your potential customers are at the Awareness, Consideration or Buying stage. Your visibility would have a positive impact on how your brand is perceived, which means that you’ll have greater influence over the customer’s purchasing decisions.


And, since clickthroughs are very cost-efficient, you’ll be getting a high return on your investment in these tools and techniques.

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