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Design Retainer

Cost Effective

Affordable creative materials created or maintained for one flat monthly retainer rate

Regular marketing activities and graphic design communications are one of the crucial contributors to ensure the success of an organisation. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the time or budget to take on a full-time marketing or design staff.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you cannot afford to lose potential clients because they think that your competitors appear more professional, more unified or more put together than you are. But it requires an investment of time and effort to keep your graphic design, Web and marketing efforts looking their best.

You can now afford to have all of your creative materials such as your logo, business stationery, print ads, flyers, brochures, sales material, Website design and much more created or maintained for one flat monthly retainer rate.

  • Are you looking for a company or designer to handle your complete graphic design and advertising needs?
  • Are you starting a new business and looking to have your complete new business identity created at one affordable price?
  • Are you an existing business looking to maintain, update or overhaul your existing identity or marketing materials?
  • Do you have on-going marketing activities that require regular graphic design support?

Whether you are a small business, organisation, or individual, we have your perfect solution!

While we continue to provide graphic design services on a per-project basis, we can quote and design any individual design item you might need. But based on our feedback from our many clients, we have found that our repeat customers often require more than just one or two projects — …. but not quite enough to warrant employing a full-time, in-house graphic designer. so we have created a revolutionary way for clients who need a more complete design service and a way to benefit from more savings

Design Support

What is a design retainer?

  • Long term project OR access to services each month
  • Access to all services of graphic design professionals within a creative agency, without the cost of hiring an in-house full-time graphic designer
  • Key solution to get a professional branding / marketing agency regular pro-active engagement into the business every month [regularly and consistently]
  • Set an amount of priority hours each month specifically toward client’s projects, flexible to their needs

Types of design retainer agreements

  • Work on a fixed amount of hours in a given time frame
  • Work on a fixed number of jobs in a given time frame
  • Work on a fixed amount of money within a given time frame
  • On call or to give the client preferential treatment

Benefits for client

  • No delay in getting a price quote before work starts
  • Guarantee support where there are few resources
Priority Service
  • No need to wait in the agency’s design queue every time a new asset is needed
  • Ready and waiting to provide services
  • Understand goals, brand identity, audience, preferences
  • Unified projects
  • Custom solutions
  • Guaranteed that content will be engaging and goal-oriented
  • Professional impression to the audience
  • Consistent design styles, -> nothing will be forgotten or lost in translation
  • Professional outlook for client
Cost Effective
  • Long-term more affordable than hiring an in-house designer
  • Hours not used can be rolled over to the next months before expiration of contract
  • When signing up for a larger volume of design time with an agency, that usually comes with significant discounts on their hourly rate.
  • Worthwhile trade-off for the consistent volume of work
  • If you routinely seek outside design services across numerous different scopes or projects, this is one big sign that this can help save you time and money
  • Know in advance how much they are spending, allow them to create more focused budgets
  • Priority, faster lead time, no need to be delayed by price quotes before work can begin
  • No need to search and brief new designer or design team for each new project
  • No need to wait in project designing availability queue
  • We already know what you want, we understand your preferences
  • You can plan your yearly goals based on the value we will bring to them

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