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We are here for you. The design agency that works for you, nothing else matters.

Our clients describe us as a design agency whom creates amazing creative concepts, by crafting top-notch designs.

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We believe that our passion and dedication will lead to a better experience.

Brand Strategy

Turn your vision, culture and ethos into actionable brand strategies, messages and designs that inspire, engage and position you for success.


Excellent copywriting will turn competitive marketing insights into targeted campaigns that strike all the right chords with your customers.

Design Retainer

Regular marketing activities and graphic design communications are one of the crucial contributors to ensure the success of an organisation.

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We are your dedicated digital and design agency in Singapore that works for you. We are efficient, fast, reliable, addicted to creative works, and crave for excellent partnerships.

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the way, since 2014.

Our clients describe us as a team whom creates amazing creative concepts, by crafting top-notch designs.


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Her strengths lie within account management, communication and project support. Wearing many hats at Dexel.

Sharon Teo

Account Director

He was named as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Entrepreneur 2012 and has been featured on the press.

Junia Phua

Sales Director

His undying devotion and passion in the design and digital industry is what drives him on as a creative thinker and digital marketer.

Mark W. Plunkett

Head, Design & Digital

Her passion for communications extends to editing, helping writers sharpen their focus and develop their work for publication.

Yen Ong

Senior Copywriter

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